Nokova Agritourism Resort
Type: agritourism resort |
Area: 400 square meters |
Architect: Ridi Milo Elvi Musaj |
Location: Nokove, Gjirokaster, Albania |
Year: 2023 |

The main focal point of the guest house is its strategic location, offering breathtaking Mountain View vistas from various vantage points. The use of large windows and open spaces ensures that guests can fully immerse themselves in the beauty of the surrounding landscape.
Upon entering, guests are greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere that combines modern comforts with the charm of local traditions. The interior spaces are carefully designed to create a seamless flow, allowing natural light to flood the rooms and providing a sense of openness.
The small restaurant within the guest house reflects the region's culinary traditions, showcasing local flavors and ingredients. It provides a cozy and intimate setting for guests to indulge in authentic Albanian cuisine while enjoying panoramic views of the mountains.
Project in collaboration with: @em_architecture_design / Elvi Musaj